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In an age of Enlightenment we understand you cannot feed everyone however we can teach them how to grow.




Here at Panning for Green Farmers and Growers with the power of are online partners can Go from plant to Patent to trademark and then market. We also helping growth in developing better business by protecting the farmers market and Indoor growing facilities.

  • Research in developing seed banks
  • Effect on bees Genealogy and correctly identified seed DNA.
  • We are excited to work community on and off line.

Free trade of plants seed and growing mad easy technology.

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We the People of Panning for Green Are Dedicated to the people of planet earth. To ensure that no children will ever go hungry or sick or even without clothing. Seed to Feed is are campaign willing to work with all none,profit,charity’s,foundation,Independent,organization,Companies,Schools and government’s to Ensure future of humanity.

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We are based United State’s of America and must follow our letter of the law. We are certainly working on the logistics for other Countries for the future.

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